Sunday, September 23, 2012

What Is the Basic Philosophy behind the Diet?

The basic philosophy behind the diet program is that certain foods cause a spike in insulin. Insulin is responsible for fat deposits and therefore to reduce insulin spikes food choices should focus on fresh foods, whole grain foods, and lean meat. Carbohydrates are allowed but white foods are discouraged as causing the insulin spikes. Good fats are also encouraged and are considered fat burners.

The Truth about Abs diet uses an approach that targets the building up of lean muscle to increase metabolism and focuses on whole body muscle movement in workouts usually in the form of interval cardio exercises and resistance training that are not focused on just one
muscle group but a group of muscles.

The combination of the diet and exercises, which are available by a paid download, reportedly burns body fat, creates a flat belly and builds six pack abs.

What Support Is Offered by the Parent Organization?

The Truth about Abs program has a one off charge for the download package. It contains everything necessary to explain the theory behind the program and the specific program outline.

For those who prefer not to download the eBook version of the program, Mike Geary has an online website that enables the dieter to receive a daily email with information about the program, incorporating recipe ideas, work out ideas and other information.

He provides a series of three free downloads to those who sign up for the emails that provide a detailed over view of the eBook program content and it can be used to understand and incorporate the Truth about Abs program into daily life.

Perhaps an interesting focus of the program is the “buddy’ approach that Mike takes with those on his mailing list which gives the person following the Truth about Abs program the sense of being mentored through the program by a private trainer and nutritionist.

Mike shares examples from his own kitchen and shopping exhibitions to motivate and change people’s shopping and cooking practices, giving the impression of a shared experience.

How Does the Diet Work?

As mentioned, this program is very personal and involves making life style changes to foods eaten rather than a more defineddiet plan”.

The Truth about Abs program is the result of research by a Personal Trainer and Nutrition specialist and the program though considered somewhat controversial by some people, is increasingly being adopted as best practice by many personal trainers and fitness
experts around the world.


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